Some of the Best Hotels to Visit in Sri Lanka

If you are ever making any plans to visit Sri Lanka then there are many beautiful places in Sri Lanka that you can visit. Sri Lanka is only one such place on earth that is a true copy of heaven. The beautiful beaches, the sunrises and sunsets, evening at the beach watching the sunsets and getting up early and witnessing the sunrise and waves hitting the rocks and pristine sea water underfoot, and the white sand, there can be nothing less than a heavenly abode which you will feel only in Sri Lanka. But the question is which are those places where you can visit ad feel like heaven on earth?

Uga Bay – 

Some such place which you can visit is Uga Bay Pasikuda. It is one of the best luxury beach hotels that is situated on Sri Lanka’s most celebrated beach stretches which is known as Pasikuda. It has all the beauties of a coastal charm. The property in Uga Bay has a spectacular architectural design which is a combination of Mediterranean elegance. It also comprises tropical simplicity; it is what makes the hotel stand out among the rest of the hotels in Pasikuda. So, if you ever decide to visit Sri Lanka, then do visit Pasikuda.

About Hotels in Pasikuda –  

One of the best decisions that you can take is to visit the Pasikuda Hotel in Sri Lanka. The hotels are luxurious and stand out. You can even call it a Sui Generis hotel. A few of the best things that you will know about Uga Bay is that it has a 3 km of private and new coastal beaches stretch. It is well-known as the best beach in Sri Lanka. Besides that, in Uga Bay, you can get close proximity to world-class scuba diving locations. In addition, if you want a good and a private dining experience then you can even get that there in the hotels. Apart from all of that, it also has an underground spa, which is there since 1st April 2022 and there you can get therapies from the Balinese.

Why Choose Uga Bay – 

You can also get various kinds of exciting water sports and other activities in Uga Bay. Several reasons are there why you should choose Uga Bay hotel and besides that, the rate of the hotel is also the best rate in which you can do the bookings. They provide the best rate guarantee and there are exclusive offers where you can get up to 50{221db4c1c50e1df2bd6232f508ef66d271378a899b65546de1402cd10af0821b} off. Besides that, one of the plus points of the hotel that you will know is that there is a chance for free cancellation without any deductions after you have made the bookings.

Dining & Spa – 

So, likewise, there are many good chances that you will have to cancel the bookings and choose another best hotel in Pasikuda. One of the best parts that you will know about Uga Bay is that it provides the best and the juiciest dishes including traditional Asian and Sri Lankan cuisine. The chefs are skilled and they can bring the combination of the best local ingredients and their expertise to deliver the best experience for the customers. They also have a unique setting in the spa for a quiet rejuvenation which is located underneath the swimming pool of the resort and comprises revitalizing spa treatments and a view of the oceans too. It is a must-visit.