Nile river cruise: your ultimate choice to explore Egyptian marvels

It’s no secret that ocean cruises have been the most popular kind of vacation for many years among tourists from all over the world. However, the tourist industry is seeing a shift, and river cruises are rapidly rising in popularity. Many tourist itineraries now include visits to secluded river capes. We have narrowed down the many advantages of a Nile River Cruise trip to just three.

Get it all done

If your ideal vacation involves visits to multiple locations, you will quickly tire of constantly packing and repacking your bags. Almost all ocean cruises involve disembarking for lengthy port stops. In contrast to other types of vacations, a Nile river cruise just requires one set of suitcases. You can stretch out and relax in the privacy of your cabin on the boat.

Five-Star lodgings

Luxury cruises along the Nile are often compared to floating hotels. All of Luxor and Aswan Travel’s Nile river excursions have five-star accommodations. As a result, you now have the wherewithal to treat yourself to something very extravagant. In most cases, you will be assigned a room with a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. You’ll have just as much fun relaxing on board as you will exploring new ports. Delicious food, lively performances, and a wide variety of leisure pursuits ensure a memorable cruise down a legendary river like the Nile.

It’s a different place every day.

The popularity of river cruises as a vacation option is here to stay. You don’t have to wait around for days on end to go to your desired location. Some of the most popular tourist spots are located near major waterways. In Egypt, in particular, you can experience the thrill of seeing a legendary landmark on a daily basis. After a restful night’s sleep, you’ll be refreshed and ready to explore your next destination. Some stops may be more than a day, while others will only be a few of hours. 

Individualized Nile River Vacation

Customized Nile cruise vacations are our forte at Luxor and Aswan travel. Traveling by boat to one of the world’s oldest civilizations is a time-honored tradition that will leave you with cherished memories of your trip. We help you plan an itinerary, including recommending how to go from one end of the river to the other and suggesting how many days you should stay at each stop. To make sure you get the most out of your Nile cruise and get your questions about the river’s past answered, the voyage includes a certified Egyptologist and 12 different excursions.

Many of Egypt’s most well-known ancient landmarks can be reached by boating down the Nile. Numerous locations are illuminated for visitors after dark, and during the day, you may enjoy the same picturesque views of rural Egypt that visitors have enjoyed for thousands of years. Luxor, the location of ancient Thebes and the pharaohs’ capital, is typically the starting point for cruises that travel south. Some people enter Egypt at Aswan, the northernmost city, and then travel north. Visiting Cairo and the Red Sea Riviera along with a Luxury Nile cruise is a classic way to experience Egypt.